Put video meetings in every touchpoint of your business.

Powered by Jitsi, the video meetings platform developers trust.

8x8 Jitsi即服务 is an enterprise-ready video meeting platform that allows developers, organizations and businesses to easily build and deploy video solutions. With Jitsi即服务 we now give you all the power of Jitsi running on our global platform so you can focus on building secure and branded video experiences.



  • 重新设想每一个客户接触点
  • 内心的平静与隐私内置
  • 你的品牌和体验,而不是他们的
  • Up and running in your website and apps in minutes
  • 有了可预测的推荐全球十大网赌正规平台,你就可以指望了


  • 被成千上万的Jitsi开发者喜爱和使用
  • Leverage 8x8’s proven, global communications infrastructure
  • Built-in standards-based, end-to-end encryption
  • A ready-to-use, best-in-class meeting experience
  • Cross platform, no-code/low-code and fully customizable



提供者可以在任何地方提供安全的医疗服务, HIPAA-compatible video meetings integrated into their websites and EHR platforms to instantly connect with patients for consultations, 续药和术后随访.


Teachers can deliver engaging online lessons using video meetings integrated into learning management systems that make it easy for students to connect with the teacher, 同学和内容.


Youtube上的DIY视频也有其局限性. You’re wiring up new recessed lighting in the kitchen. Before spending hours on hardware store round trips and straining your marriage, imagine purchasing a 30-minute 1:1 video meeting with an expert who teaches you how to complete the wiring quickly and safely.


Your master plumber is onsite at a commercial building and needs verification of an old pump. He instantly connects with the warehouse using video meetings embedded in their company app to visually validate the correct part is available.


Ready to use meetings that are predictably affordable

Almost all meeting solutions charge on a per-minute per-participant basis. If you have 10 people in an hour long video session, you’ll be charged for 600 minutes. Those charges add up very quickly, and it’s nearly impossible to forecast what your costs will be.

十大网赌靠谱网址平台决定改变一下. We’re charging on a Monthly Active User (MAU) model. This brings predictability into your costs and reduces your monthly bill dramatically. 起价为0美元.35/MAU,根据数量递减. And if you just want to kick the tires and learn more about Jitsi即服务 we offer a developer package option that lets you have up to 25 Monthly Active Users for free.

An MAU is defined as a unique user who attended at least one meeting, 至少有一个其他用户, 同月. 来确定一个唯一的用户, we store an identifier on the device’s local storage, and that will remain the same as long as the user uses the same browser and same device and doesn’t clear their local cache data. 移动是相似的. An identifier remains across updates and gets removed if you delete the app.


开发人员 基本 标准 业务 企业
25个用户 300个用户 1.5 k用户 3 k用户 1 m +用户
免费的 $99 $499 联系销售 联系销售


特性 描述 Jitsi即服务
音频分享 Users can share system audio in a meeting from a device or browser tab
带宽控制 Users can monitor their connectivity quality and adjust their video bandidth
配置、启用和禁用特性 Configure, enable, and disable features to build the experience you want end users to have
控制器模式 The ability for any participant (not just the host) to mute, control volume or remove other participants in meeting
主要演讲者指示 Indicates who is the dominant speaker at any given point in time
群组聊天 Send messages to every video meeting participant
高清音频 作品编解码器
高清视频 支持720p视频
在满足连接迹象 显示连接状态信息, 如比特率, 包丢失, 决议, 帧速率和估计带宽
电话接入会议 Call into meetings using 80+ dial in number options (11 toll-free) for 58 countries
私人聊天 Send private messages to individuals in a video meeting
按通话模式 Mode in which all speakers stay muted unless they press the spacebar key to speak
举起你的手 Participants can discreetly indicate they have something to say without interrupting the current speaker
Remote desktop control through electron integrations Control the mouse and keyboard movements of another user remotely through electron integrations
屏幕共享 Share your computer screen and choose which applications or monitors to display
智能布局 Dynamically control app layout and display based on audio activity. Automatically or manually switch between tile and stage view, automatically focus on any participant and manage screen sharing
你的品牌体验 Brand the experience with your company information. No 8x8 or Jitsi branding shown anywhere in the app
YouTube视频分享 Users can share a YouTube video for everyone in the conference to see
视频会议端到端加密 True end to end encryption even with videobridge for desktop video meetings
数据处理器的GDPR要求 符合GDPR的数据处理器
Highly available massively scaled global infrastructure Real-time automatic scaling of compute capacity to ensure the right capacity is always available
HIPAA兼容 8x8兼容HIPAA,可以提供BAA. It is incumbent upon users to operate the technology in a HIPAA compliant manner.
行业领先的服务水平 99.99%平台正常运行时间sla
本地化的接口 Record the audio, video, and screen share from a meeting. Save it to reference later or to send to those who could not attend.
开放和行业标准加密 使用DTLS-SRTP加密以确保视频安全
安全的密码 The ability to set a passcodes to provide an additional layer of security
人则 Configure, enable, and disable features to build the experience you want end users to have




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